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smrw_santa's Journal

happy holidays!

Scorpius/Rose Secret Santa!
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a secret santa gift exchange for fans of the rose/scorpius harry potter ship.

Welcome to the Scorpius/Rose Secret Santa Exchange!

Our format borrows a lot from merlin_santa and other Secret Santa communities, so go check them out too.

How we operate:
♥ Join the community.
♥ Add your wishlist to the Wishlist Post. In creating a wishlist, you are also confirming that you are willing to create a gift for someone else.
♥ On November 1st a mod will send you an email containing someone else's wishlist. If you are making a fic gift, please keep your submission between 500 and 2500 words. Note: Please don't reveal yourself to your gift recipient before the gifts are due! Ruining the surprise makes it less fun for everyone. That's why it's Secret Santa!
♥ Make like a Hogwarts Elf and produce a gift for your Secret Santa! If for any reason you cannot complete the gift you have been assigned, PLEASE let a mod know by November 15th so that we can arrange something else- life happens, and we understand- but we want to make sure everyone gets a gift!
♥ Gift giving! Everybody's favorite part. Email the gift you've made to our mods at smrwsanta@gmail.com by December 1st. Posting of your gifts will begin on December 13th, and your Secret Santas will be revealed!

***We will be making special graphics for the people who review the most, because cheering each other on is a great gift in itself!***